Canada Reseller Closing Ahead of Apple’s Arrival

April 3, 2012

The arrival of an Apple retail store in Halifax (Canada) has been inevitable in Chris Duffie’s mind for several years. He’s the owner of authorized reseller Halifax Mac Store, and has had the market pretty much to himself for a decade. So when rumors began swirling late last year that an Apple store was arriving at the Halifax Shopping Centre just three miles away, his decision to close down his retail business was an easy one. As reported by the Chronicle Herald newspaper yesterday, the Mac Store will close forever on April 13th, and Duffie will take his expertise over to Torusoft, a local consultant and systems integrator. Together, the companies will focus on service, support and consulting for the Apple community, a field that Apple stores generally doesn’t touch. A Mac Store sales manager will join Duffie’s at Torusoft, but seven other of his employees will be laid off, possibly picking up consulting gigs with Torusoft. Duffie’s decision has been mirrored by Apple resellers around the world. Some have transitioned their focus to service, but others have gone out of business entirely after an Apple store arrived.

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