Senior Citizen Claims Injury, Window Glass Too Clear

March 24, 2012

An 83 year-old visitor to the Genius Bar at the Manhasset (NY) retail store has filed a lawsuit claiming she suffered injuries when she walked head-long into the glass front doors, which she claims were not sufficiently marked to warn of the hazards of clear glass. As first reported by the New York Post, Evelyn Paswall filed her lawsuit in Federal District Court this week, saying she broke her nose on December 13, 2011 when she tried to enter the store. She is asking for damages over $75,000 to cover her medical costs, both past and future. The Manhasset store is one of four stores with a similar design: the others are Scottsdale Quarter (Ariz.), Lincoln Park (Chicago) and the just-opened Highland Village (Tex.). The stores have huge windows at either end, composed of several panels of low-iron glass that are formulated to be very clear. It’s not clear if New York state building codes require warning stockers on retail store windows. However, Apple began installing rectangular warning stickers on store front windows some time before January 2011. A photo of the Manhasset store taken in October 2011 shows stickers in place on the front windows and doors, and all other U.S. stores now reportedly also have the stickers. Famously, a passerby at the Lincoln Park (Chicago) retail store walked into the window glass at the south end of the building the night before the store’s grand opening, in full view of the overnight waiting line. A fire department ambulance crew arrived to treat the woman’s bleeding nose, but she declined a trip to the hospital. Download Paswall’s lawsuit for more details of her incident.

This is Apple's official portrait of the Manhasset store, showing the north, non-entrance end of the building without warning stickers. The opposite (south) end of the building has a double door entrance, and as of Oct. 2011 had stickers on the front window and both doors.

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