Apple Trademarks iPad Store Display in China

March 19, 2012

The design of the iPad information displays at Apple stores in China has been officially registered with the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong, offering protection for the unique appearance of the device. The so-called Smart Signs were introduced in May 2011 at U.S. stores to improve product information and provide more interactivity. As first noticed by, the China registration covers the acrylic blocks with a slanted top, into which an iPad is seemingly embedded, and which are used adjacent to each display product to provide information. In the registration application, the device is only described by Apple as, “Stand as well as a combination of a stand and electronic device.” In fact, the iPads are more complex in use, displaying product specifications, comparing similar products models, and allowing visitors to summon help from a Specialist by pressing an on-screen button. The trademark registration covers 11 different configurations of the same basic model, accounting for versions next to large products (portables) or those attached to the acrylic itself (iPods). Download (pdf) the drawings that Apple submitted to the IP Department.

This drawing was submitted to describe one version of the iPad Smart Sign design with three connectors for iPod nano devices. Other versions have one or two connectors, or none for larger products.

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