Apple Is Scouting Another Seattle Location

February 22, 2012

Rumors have been swirling for the past 15 months about potential downtown Seattle locations for an Apple store, and now tipsters are pointing to the Broadacres Building on 2nd Avenue, where three levels of space will become available when Nordstrom Rack relocates in the coming months. According to the sources, Apple’s real estate team has been in contact with the building management about leasing the space, but no firm commitment has been made. The building is located with the heart of the city’s urban core, the building management boasts, “and at the crossroads of Seattle’s main shopping and entertainment districts.” Pike Place Market, the city’s symphony hall and art museum are just a short walk away, and in-city residential areas are adjacent. Nordstrom’s lease expired this month, so the basement, ground, first and second levels of the building will become available, a total of 43,000 square-feet. The corner building would have impressive 80 and 75-foot storefronts, a feature Apple prefers. Previous rumors centered around 601 Pine Street, inside the former Old Navy store. The nearest existing Apple store to this new location is University Village, about five miles north. There is no timeline for the store’s opening. Download (pdf) the leasing brochure for more superlatives about the retail space and to view a map of the building’s neighbors.

The Broadacres Building opened in 1907 at 1601 2nd Avenue, and is now being marketed as "2nd and Pine." Nordstrom Rack is moving out, and consolidating with the regular Nordstrom store several blocks away. The change leaves three levels and the basement vacant. The upper floors of the 9-story building are occupied by offices.

The ground-floor space is appropriately sized for an Apple store, and has excellent corner visibility.

The second level has an open space to the ground floor, which would be an attractive feature for Apple. The third floor (11,206 s.f.) and basement (13,503 s.f.) spaces are also available for lease.

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{ 6 comments… read them below or add one }

Tony E February 22, 2012 at 2140

It would amaze me if Apple opened a store at this location.

It’s just around the corner from a strip club. While waiting in line for your next iPhone, there will be PLENTY of people who would be happy to sell you any drug you want. However if you wait in line overnight you’ll have to fight it out with the folks who’ve been sleeping on the street there for years.


Gary Allen February 22, 2012 at 2144

Ahhh, they sure didn’t mention that in the leasing brochure!


SteveP February 23, 2012 at 1524

Yes they did. Those are the “adjacent in-city residential areas” the article mentions!

Seriously, they’ve needed a downtown location for a long time.A substantial residential core continues to build up there and this IS a good location to serve it. a lot of the “problems” will disperse as this build continues.

Besides, my “drug” of choice is sold INSIDE the store by dealers identified by colored t-shirts!


Brandon July 24, 2012 at 1428

Actually, the adjacent in-city residents are the thousands of people who live in apartment buildings downtown. You know, like Belltown, the core, the West Edge, and, more and more, the Denny Triangle and South Lake Union. So, yeah.

There are a lot more people living downtown than the small minority of drug addicts people see. It’s just that people remember the drug addicts. But, then, you’d actually have to GO downtown every once in a while to realize it isn’t Detroit.


Portland February 25, 2012 at 1002

When will Portland, OR get a new store? there’s only one within the city limits, and pioneer place is the smallest, most over-crowded, apple store I’ve ever been into. I avoid it at all costs because of the sweaty, smelly, crowd that pack themselves into it. poor employees.


Tony March 31, 2012 at 2033

Awesome location for apple. Facebook are one block away and a series of other high tech firms are in that building and the across the street, including design agencies like frog, iconmobile and zaaz. Makes perfect sense. I’m actually surprised Microsoft didn’t snap it up and try and make some kind of hometown flagship….


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