Remodeled Calif. Store To Re-Open Saturday

February 1, 2012

The historic and now-remodeled Pasadena (S. Calif.) retail store will re-open this Saturday, with more space and a reconfigured interior. The store opened in January 2003 in the city’s main, upscale shopping district. The storefront was modified slightly in 2006 to remove the original black metal panels and back-lit Apple logos on either side of the entrance. Then last April a temporary store opened a few doors away, and the original location closed. According to permit documents filed with the city, the construction added 3,164 square-feet by tacking on a rear, second-level space that will be occupied by back-of-house operations. The work added back floor space that was removed when the store was originally built, so the ceiling height could be raised. Presumably the public retail space will now extend nearly to the back of the building, and back-of-house operations will be housed in the second-level addition. The original glass wall dividers and wood floor has probably also been removed. The store re-opening is set for 10 a.m.

This is the original design for the Pasadena Apple store. The black panels and logos were removed during a 2006 remodel.

This undated photo show the original appearance of the Pasadena Apple retail store. In later years the entrance was moved to the middle, and in 2006 Apple added a second pillar added to create symmetry.

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