Activity Spotted For Two Future France Stores

January 21, 2012

After a year of rumors, two future stores in France may be on schedule for a 2012 grand opening. According to the MacGeneration Web site, Apple has filed an application to operate a retail business at the Quatre Temps shopping center northwest of city center, at the La DĂ©fense complex of office buildings, a train station, museum and other retailers. The area is a tourist destination, but also is a crossroads for thousands of daily office workers. The exact location of the store within the shopping isn’t know, but it could open by year’s end. Meanwhile, in Strasbourg a passerby has noticed increased activity at a retail space at Aubette in city center, possibly indicating the start of construction for an Apple store. The building dates to 1765 as a military barracks, but has hosted all types of commercial enterprises since then. In 2008 some ground floor space was converted to retail, where Apple’s store could open by year’s end.

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