Swiss Store Confirmed By Architectural Plans

January 13, 2012

Almost two years after the site of a future Apple store in Basel (Switzerland) was spotted by local bloggers, blueprints have now been discovered that confirm the two-level store. The plans not only show a storefront and building configuration that is typically Apple, they also show the placement of tables and other furniture that is identical to Apple stores. As reported by, Apple’s architect has been revising its original plans over the past year in accordance with city regulations. Originally, Apple proposed a 30-foot tall glass curtain wall for the storefront, spanning the ground floor and mezzanine level. However, the latest proposal submitted last October includes demolishing the current building at Freie Strasse 47 and building a single-level glass façade, MacPrime says. The upper levels would be behind standard windows. The store will have a 48-foot wide storefront, and span about 7,500 square-feet of retail space, and another 2,800 square-feet of offices and stock in the basement. A glass staircase connects the two levels at the rear of the space, the plans show. The project will cost about $6.3 million could be completed in early 2013.

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