Apple Store Opened, Now Spain Reseller Closing

January 13, 2012

Just one month after Apple opened its first store in Valencia (Spain), a nearby authorized Apple reseller has laid off its staff and closed its doors, a victim of competition from the Apple store. Illa Digital is just four blocks from the Calle Colón Apple store, and opened four years ago as the city’s first Apple Premium Reseller, the highest level of certification for a reseller. Illa Digital was the only reseller serving the city center when the Apple store opened last December 3rd. According to,, the store’s owner noticed revenue began to decline after the Apple store opened. Finally this week, the store’s owners laid off all four of the store’s employees and the store went dark. A second reseller, K-Tuin, has a store further north from city center, and for now is still in operation, the Web site notes. From the time the first Apple stores opened in 2001, Apple executives have claimed that business for resellers actually improves. Resellers have generally disputed that claim, but acknowledge that they must substantially adjust their customer focus in order to remain successful after an Apple store arrives in their customer region.

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Elsic1975a January 16, 2012 at 1340

I call nonsense on the reason; it’s a bad case of post hoc, ergo propter hoc. If they shuttered their business just a month after the new Apple Store opened, that means that there were likely numerous problems before Apple even opened. A business closing that quickly after competition moves in speaks more to bad management (marketing, margins, and spending) than it does to the competition.

What’s more, it’s my experience that Apple stores actually partner with local resellers to provide solutions that they can’t: trade-ins, older repairs, custom services, and in that regard the resellers benefit. Here in the Northwest, The Mac Store runs a thriving business because of exactly that- and their main Seattle store is just down the road from the flagship Seattle Apple Store!


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