Future Canada Store Will Be Eastern Outpost

January 4, 2012

If tipsters are correct, Apple threw a dart at the map of North America to locate a new store, and it nearly landed in the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, the dart stuck in the Halifax Shopping Centre (Nova Scotia), where the future store will become the eastern-most location in North America. In fact, it’s 350 miles further east than the next-closest Maine Mall store. According to the allNovaScotia.com Web site (sub.), the future store will appear near the Sears store, in an area that’s been under construction since mid-November. Workers are reportedly relocating an escalator and building a mezzanine level where the Apple store will eventually appear. The mall was renovated in 2007, and recently has been adding several upscale retailers to serve the province’s one million residents. There are already 22 Apple stores in Canada, with possibly another four opening during 2012.

The area on the upper level circled in red is now under construction to remove the escalator and create a mezzanine level. The location is reportedly where an Apple store will locate.

This is the area on the second level of the mall where the Apple store will appear, possible in the Calendar Club store (right) that will soon move out, or in the new space created by removal of an escalator (left). — photo by Cole

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James January 5, 2012 at 0951

Realizing that Saskatchewan’s population is relatively small at about a million and its tow major cities have only a quarter million each it still seems odd to exclude the whole province from having an Apple store.

What Saskatchewan does have right now is a hot economy and booming population . . . seems like a good time to set up shop rather than forcing people to drive 700km for a Genius Bar appointment.


Rick January 5, 2012 at 2104

James: Maybe so. But at least people in Saskatchewan only have a short drive to Alberta to get to an Apple store … and they get to stay in Canada. However, for people living in any of the Maritime provinces, the nearest Apple store is … in the US. An Apple store in Halifax will benefit people in all 4 provinces.

Plus, they said there was a possibility of 4 new stores opening in Canada this year. Perhaps one of the other 3 will be in Saskatchewan.


Love Apple January 6, 2012 at 0420

Four stores so far are Ottawa, London, Downtown Vancouver and Halifax.


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