Winds Blow, Doors Shatter, Life Goes On

December 30, 2011

It was an ordinary day at an ordinary mall, as visitors came and went at the Lehigh Valley (Penn.) Apple store last Wednesday. The temperature was sagging into the lower 30s, but the winds were heading the opposite way under overcast skies—from just 8 mph as the sun rose, to 15 mph by 10 a.m. Finally, by 1 p.m. the winds had picked up, with gusts up to 37 mph. As a visitor opened the glass front door of the west-facing Apple store, the wind caught the panel and slammed it into the full-open position. The glass shattered into a “million tiny pieces,” a witness said, frightening visitors but barely gaining the attention of the employees—it was the ninth time this year the door had broken, according to one witness. Apparently the orientation of the building, the swing angle of the entrance door and the region’s weather conditions conspire to keep breaking the doors. Earlier this year both doors were busted out by the wind. A witness says Apple employees quickly moved to sweep up the glass from this latest incident, as customers walked back and forth through the void. The Apple employees routinely tossed on their red fleece pullovers and coats to stay warm. Within a couple of hours black plywood replaced the shattered glass…and business was back to normal.


Westerly winds gusted to 36.8 miles per hour on Dec. 28th, leading to a shattered glass door at the Lehigh Valley Apple store.

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