Reseller Confirms–Apple Retail Interested in Brazil

December 29, 2011

Apple is interested in opening its own retail stores in Brazil, according to an executive of a local authorized reseller, but is being cautious over their brand exposure and market share in the country. Germano Grings, vice president of the company Herval, told the Web site G1 that Apple is “very strategic” about its retail stores, and acknowledged that retailing is “not very easy in our country.” Apple has no stores in South America, but does has an extensive network of Apple Premium Resellers, including 31 in Brazil. Herval plans to have 20 locations in the country selling Apple’s products by 2013, the largest reseller chain in the country. The stores will be duplicates of Apple’s own stores, and will be “more beautiful than theirs,” Grings said. “Customers who walk into one of our stores and an American store will not notice a difference in customer service, quality, technical service or inventory.” The company is not fearful of competition from Apple opening its own stores in high-profile locations within major cities, Grings said. “They will not open stores where we are,” he said, in smaller cities of Brazil. Grings said he’s joked to Apple executives that he would gladly help them open a store like Fifth Avenue (NYC) along Avenida Paulist in São Paulo. “How wonderful would it be?” he asked.

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