Calif. Mini-Store To Move Into Expanded Space

December 15, 2011

Some time next year Apple will begin construction on a replacement for the Santa Rosa Plaza (N. Calif.) mini-store, expanding it from 450 square-feet to over 3,000 square-feet, more than six times the current space. According to tipsters, the standard-size replacement will be located inside some portion of two mall spaces vacated by Lane Bryant and Ann Taylor Loft earlier this year, and just south of the current location. The original store was among six mini-stores that opened on October 16, 2004, followed by another three openings within the next two months. The mini-stores were intended to bring Apple retail to a wider variety of locations, possibly including airports and universities. But in the years following the first stores, no new mini-stores were opened. In fact, the concept seems to have been abandoned, and four of the stores have moved into larger spaces. Over the past two years Apple has been increasing the size of new shopping mall stores, rising from about 3,000 square-feet to 6,000 square-feet in some cases. The size increase was forced by a larger number of service and training customers who are visiting the stores.

The current Santa Rosa Plaza Apple store is just 15 feet wide and 25 feet deep, or 450 square-feet. There is a similar area at the rear of the space for back-of-house.

The store is so busy, and there is so little space that many Genius Bar and training sessions are held outside the store, in the mall hallway.

People arriving at the store are greeted while they are still outside the store, in the mall hallway.


This is the entire store, except for a back-of-house space behind the rear wall.

A portion of these two vacant spaces just south of the existing Apple store will house the expanded store.

A ground-level view of the future Apple store location.

Only a portion of the two vacant spaces will be used by Apple for an expanded store at this mall.

This section of the mall lease plan shows the current Apple store location (red), and the two open spaces (yellow), a portion of which an expanded Apple store will occupy.

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