Training Video Proves Store Staffers Are Hip

November 10, 2011

When the doors close and the lights are turned out, an Apple store can be a pretty crazy place, as evidenced by a training video made by the staff of the Rockingham Park (NH) retail store to outline the company’s sales techniques. As first spotted by MacRumors, the video was posted by store employee Kyle Sisson to demonstrate his video expertise, but also gives a glimpse of the store’s back-of-house areas, and through the song’s lyrics explains the five-step process of customer sales contacts. Similar videos are common among the retail chain, but rarely are made public.

During the video you can see the types of information displayed on white boards in the back-of-house hallway, including some related to sales (pie charts). The stock room shows how products are stored. A reference to “NPS” in the lyrics translates to “Net Promoter Score,” an indication of how well customers recommend the store to others.

The video outlines the sales procedures used by Apple store employees using the song’s lyrics—listen closely. The first five steps happen to spell out the word “Apple”:

A – Approach the customer with a “warm welcome”
P – Position, Permission, Probe — Tell the customer what you want to do, ask permission, and then ask them questions to determine their needs.
P – Present the appropriate product solution that fits their needs.
L – Listen to their concerns.
E – End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

Three other steps focus on listening skills:

A – Acknowledge that their concerns are valid.
A – Align with the customer, agreeing that you would feel the same were you in their shoes.
A – Assure the customer that you will be able to solve their problem to their satisfaction.

[Yes, the video was pulled within an hour of this story! Then a YouTube copy was pulled within three days. But a final copy is here.]

Apple Music Video from KYLESISSON.COM on Vimeo.

Apple Music Video

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