3-Country Grand Opening Weekend Planned

September 13, 2011

Apple has once again scheduled an international weekend of retail store grand openings, with locations in Italy, Germany and the United States, and with a hint of a store opening in a fourth country (see update). Official Web pages appeared early Monday for the Via Rizzoli (Bologna) store, set on two levels of an historic city center building whose façade the company has carefully restored. The upper level is reached by a straight-run glass staircase at the back of the store, identical to the George Street (Sydney) store. A third level is still blacked out, but may contain training rooms. The store will be the eighth store in the country, and fills in coverage in the north. Thirty minutes later, the much anticipated Jungfernstieg (Hamburg) store will open in a huge space in city center. The two-level store is conspicuous for its imposing glass storefront overlooking a wide street and river-lake. It will also feature a straight-run glass staircase, and will sport a Briefing Room on the second level. It will be the seventh store in the country and the second store in Hamburg. Next, the border town of El Paso (Tex.) will welcome an Apple store at the Cielo Vista Mall, filling in a huge black-out zone that has covered the southwest United States. The city is an important crossing point along the border with Mexico, and local retailers host millions of international visitors a year who will now add Apple to their shopping list. Lastly, a listing for the Braehead (UK) store appeared on-line briefly, indicating it would open on Saturday. However, the listing disappeared hours later, and tipsters now say it will open on the 24th. Similar ghost listings appeared last week, and two store grand openings weren’t announced until Thursday, three days later than usual. Update: Late U.S. Tuesday night Apple posted the Braehead grand opening for September 17th at 9 a.m.

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