Crowds Anxious, But Just One Grand Opening

August 31, 2011

Apple enthusiasts who are anxious for their own retail store will apparently have to remain anxious, since just a single opening has been announced for this weekend, at the Mapleview Centre (Canada). The new store will be the sixth along the Lake Ontario shoreline, in the town of Burlington 45 minutes south of Toronto. A listing for at least one other future store briefly appeared on an Apple Web page Monday, but disappeared within hours. After this weekend, there are at least 10 other stores waiting to open by the end of September, including international stores in Germany, Italy and Hong Kong. Update: On Wednesday afternoon Apple finally posted a second grand opening, at Campania (Italy) at 10 a.m. Saturday. The store will be the milestone 100th to open outside the United States. The mall is north of Naples and will be the seventh store in the country. Then early Thursday morning Apple posted very late notice of the City-Galerie (Germany) grand opening on Saturday, the country’s sixth store.

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