Expansive Hamburg Storefront Set For Reveal Soon

August 23, 2011

The enormity of the future Jungfernstieg (Hamburg, Germany) Apple retail store became obvious today when workers finished removing scaffolding that has hidden the two-level storefront for six months. In this photo by Stefan, a temporary black curtain covers the 80-foot wide glass window, but is not quite tall enough to conceal the stem of the white Apple logo suspended in the middle of the space. It appears that a royal red covering has been placed over the window glass, probably with some wording to announce the new store when the black covering is removed at any time now. The red covering will be removed the day before the store opens, which tipsters say is September 17th.

Read more in German on the Macerkopf.de Web site.

The black curtain is suspended by temporary fasteners, and will be removed soon to reveal a royal red covering over the front glass announcing the new store. Typically, the red covering will then be removed the day before the store opens, finally revealing the store's two-level interior.

You can see the very top of the white stem of the Apple logo that is suspended in the glass window of the future store. To the left workers are removing the last of the construction scaffolding.


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