Rail Station Project May Host Apple Store

August 12, 2011

An enormous project now underway to rehabilitate Denver’s Union Station and make it a center of transportation, commerce and public gatherings may also host an Apple retail store. In a promotional video rendering posted by the developer, an Apple logo is clearly visible during a fly-over of the final project. Although logos and signs in developer videos are traditionally speculative, a tipster says there is substance to Apple’s participation in the project. Right now, the closest Apple store to downtown is at Cherry Creek mall, 3½ miles southeast. An Apple store near the city’s downtown district and Coor’s Field ballpark would be a major destination. Union Station dates to 1865 and for decades served as a hub for east-west rail transport. But as rail travel declined, so did the station and the surrounding 30 acres of rail yards. Now a developer is ready to complete the first phase of a project to link the rail station to downtown with new pedestrian spaces, an underground bus station and new buildings that would attract pedestrians to shops and restaurants. A light-rail station opens next week, and other elements of the project will be completed through 2012.

Read more about the Denver Union Station project from the Project Authority and the developer’s Web site.

This still frame from the developer's promotional video shows a large white Apple logo on the ground floor of a building directly north of the rehabilitated Union Station.


This rendering shows how buses, pedestrians, vehicles and trains will share spaces on different levels. The Apple store logo was seen in the video on a building to the right.


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Marktrek August 15, 2011 at 1714

The Apple station at Lincoln Park in Chicago. Grand Central Station in New York. And now Union Station in Denver. Is Apple moving from malls to train stations?


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