Grand Opening Will Create Brother–Sister Stores

July 26, 2011

This Saturday’s grand opening of The Americana (S. Calif.) retail store will be notable, since the event will occur just 600 feet from the entrance to the existing Glendale store, creating the closest two locations in the chain. The Glendale store opened in 2001 as the second store in the chain, and is among 19 other stores serving greater Los Angeles. Visitors say the store is packed at all times and that a second location is welcome. The Americana is a mixed retail-residential development that popped up directly across the street from the Glendale shopping mall, and which apparently offered Apple a favorable leasing deal. The Palo Alto and Stanford stores are the next-closest stores, at 3,738 feet. The cities of Las Vegas, New York City and Honolulu are the “most packed” cities in the chain, with three stores within less than 4.1 miles. The Americana store will open at 10 a.m.

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