Store’s Renovation Visible From Space

July 18, 2011

While on a photo mission over Dallas (Tex.) last April, a Google-controlled satellite snapped a one-of-a-kind photo of the Knox Street store’s reconstruction and expansion. A sharp-eyed Apple enthusiast noticed the aerial imagery that shows a demolition excavator parked in the middle of lot where the store used to stand. The site is surrounded by a construction barricade and the sidewalk is covered with protective scaffolding. Since the photo was taken on a weekend, there is no activity at the site. At ground level, photos snapped by a tipster show the store’s trademark brick wall is being retained, at least along the east side of the structure. It’s not clear if any of the light-red bricks will remain at the front of the store when it re-opens. The original store is being expanded west into the adjacent space, and is also incorporating space to the south. A temporary store around the corner from the original store is open while construction is underway. The expanded store should open before the holiday shopping season.

This Google Maps aerial image of the Knox Street store reconstruction was taken April 2nd or 3rd, 2011 showing the interior completely gutted, the east brick wall casting a long shadow, and a construction barrier around the site. The photo was cleverly dated by a source who spotted aerial photos of a garage sale that occurred on the same weekend. The photo's angle of view and resolution indicate it's satellite imagery and not aerial photographs.

The full width of the expanded store will nearly double the original storefront. The original store occupied the left-most section, and was expended west (to the right in this photo).

Metal supports hold up the original soft-red brick wall on the east side of the site, indicating it will be retained for the expanded store.

The rear of the expanded store, showing a new cinder block wall.

The east side of the site along McKinney St. shows how the store will also expand into an adjacent space (white brick) on the south end.

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