Expansion Project To Touch Narrow Florida Store

July 11, 2011

Apple’s on-going project to provide more square feet for its retail store visitors has also increased the competition on expiring leases, including at the Mall of Millenia (Fla.) store. According to sources, the store will expand into the adjacent former Kenneth Cole space, more than doubling its storefront width and square-footage. The expansion will allow for a Briefing Room, longer Genius Bar and expanded training and set-up areas. When the lease on the Kenneth Cole space came up for renewal earlier this year, Apple reportedly jumped into the bidding for the space. The current Apple store is in a very narrow, ground-level space and is constantly packed with visitors. Apple wanted a wider storefront and more space, the sources say, and eventually outbid others for the lease. Now Kenneth Cole has disappeared from the mall’s store directory, and plans are set for the existing store to close during construction, and temporarily move upstairs to the former Z-Gallerie space. No building permits have been issued for the construction work, so completion will occur in early 2012.

First, the existing store operation will move from its ground-floor space to the upstairs former Z-Gallerie space.

Second, the wall between the Apple and Kenneth Cole stores will be taken down, and the Apple store expanded. Once construction is done, the retail operation will return to this larger ground-floor space.

This is the very small temporary Apple store at Millenia Mall that is open while the original store is under construction.

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Eric Lewis July 11, 2011 at 1906

This store just go renovated not that long ago from the old black half wall(it had kidney tables/glass partitions) entrance into the current silver front! I’m surprised they did the upgrade and now they are moving the store….


Kevin July 13, 2011 at 0854

The renovation you’re thinking of happened over 4 years ago.


Jessica July 14, 2011 at 1647

I live about 15 minutes from there and my husband actually works at that store. Haven’t heard anything about expanding other than wishfull thinking. And as a last week, the Z Gallery was still there.


Craig July 14, 2011 at 1723

Jessica, Z-Gallerie is officially closed and has moved to a new location.


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