George Street Will Get Nearby ‘Buddy’ Store

June 4, 2011

The popularity of the George Street Apple store in downtown Sydney (Australia) and its relatively small size has prompted the company to build another store just two miles south, at the Broadway Shopping Centre. The two “buddy” stores will be among the closest neighbors in the chain. A sharp-eyed tipster located building permit applications filed last month with the city that describe Apple occupying the combined spaces 304-307 on the third level of the mall. The permits cover making certain structural changes to the roof structure and removing existing walls. The final space will provide an impressive 75-foot wide storefront and 50-foot deep store, with a total of 5,360 square-feet. The compact mall covers 536,000 square-feet and hosts 140 retailers. Mall management describes the mall in superlatives: 90 percent of visitors make a purchase, 62 percent are in the 20 to 39 age bracket, and 88 percent are white collar workers from the surrounding area. Based on permit and construction schedules, the store could open in early 2012. Download (pdf) the permit documents submitted by Apple.

According to the permit applications, the Apple store will occupy four consolidated spaces and a small nook.

The third-level plan shows the consolidated spaces that the Apple store will occupy.


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