Future Nebraska Store Will Stress ‘Community’

May 25, 2011

When it opened in 1960, the Crossroads Mall in Omaha (Neb.) was the city’s largest, and its 72nd and Dodge Street location was the city’s second busiest intersection. But times change and populations shift, so over the last 10 years the mall lost tenants as the suburbs swelled, and it became rundown and vacant. The mall was sold several times and prospects for a renewal looked bleak. But last year local developer Frank Krejci purchased the property and devised an open-air, mixed-use renovation that would include a city library and other community spaces. City officials signed on with enthusiasm that a new mall would reinvigorate the area. All that excitement apparently attracted Apple’s attention, along with the mall’s central location, proximity to 23,000 university students and community theme—tipsters say Apple has signed on to open a large store when the mall re-opens in 2013. In keeping with the community theme, the Apple store will feature a presentation/theater space for workshops, live music and other events. The store would be about eight miles east along Dodge Street from the existing store at Village Pointe, the only store in the state.

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