Small and Wealthy State Will Receive Fifth Store

April 25, 2011

The third-smallest state in the U.S. also happens to be the one with the fourth-highest household income, which may explain why Apple’s newest retail store will be located in downtown New Haven (Conn.). A retail store job listing has appeared in ZIP Code 06511, an area that includes the city’s central business district and Yale University, one of the most prestigious in the world. The store would join the Stanford (N. Calif.) store as the only ones in the chain to be located on a university’s property. Previous rumors said Apple’s retail team had toured the former Barnes & Noble bookstore space in a building owned by Yale at 77 Broadway. The western portion of the building now houses the university’s bookstore, while the eastern portion is was being eyed for an Apple store, according to sources. The building’s storefront would have to be reconstructed to match Apple’s standard prototype of glass and stainless steel. The state already has four Apple stores, two closer to New York City and two others more upstate. Based on previous construction schedules, the store could open by mid-November 2011. Update: It took a Yale Daily News reporter to locate the building permits, which definitely confirm this Apple store location. The store will occupy the basement, ground floor and probably a half second floor. The storefronts of the Yale bookstore and future Apple store will be renovated, with costs totaling $5.2 million. 

New Haven getting an Apple Store:

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