Record Time Gap Between Store Grand Openings

February 25, 2011

For any Apple retail store enthusiast waiting for a new store to open, your energy may be running out. Store watchers say that it’s been 104 days since the last grand opening, just one day short of the record set in early 2003. By Monday, the record will have been broken. Apple typically opens the majority of its stores in the pre-Thanksgiving period, with a few construction-delayed stragglers before Christmas , and an occasional store opening just after New Year’s. However, the pattern was different this past year, with the last grand opening on November 13th at the University Park Mall (Ind.). Apparently all the scheduled stores were completed and opened on time during 2010. The previous record period for no store openings was set between January 25, 2003 for the Knox Street (Tex.) store, and May 10th for the Walt Whitman (NY) store, 105 days.This timeline depicts each Apple store grand opening since May 2001 and the two arrows indicate the longest time gaps.

Click the timeline to display a larger version. Not every grand opening is date-labeled, and some openings occurred on the same day, which compacts the display.

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