Verizon Offering iPhone Deals to Store Employees

February 21, 2011

Either through goodwill or a competitive nature, Verizon Wireless is reportedly offering Apple retail store employees inexpensive cellular plans if they purchase a Verizon version of the iPhone 4. The company is offering two options, one that offers a low monthly rate with the purchase of a full-price phone, and another with a lower iPhone price, but a higher monthly rate. According to tipsters, employees can pay the non-subsidized price of $649.99 for a 16 Gb iPhone 4, for example, and then pay just $25 a month for 1,500 monthly minutes, along with unlimited texts and data. A consumer plan with unlimited talk time, data and texts costs $119.94. A similar plan on the AT&T network would cost $114.99. Verizon’s second option for Apple store employees is to purchase the iPhone at the subsidized price, but pay the full monthly rate for 10 months. After that, the rate would drop to $25 a month for the remainder of the two-year plan. Under the offer, an employee accepting the offer would not be eligible for any iPhone upgrade discount in the future if they are still working for Apple.

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