Alaska Apple Store Confirmed

February 21, 2011

Apple has confirmed last month’s tip of a future retail store at the Fifth Avenue Mall in Anchorage (Alaska) by posting job listings for the location. It would be the furthest-north store in the chain, at 61° north latitude, just 320 miles south of the Arctic Circle. According to the original tip, the fit-out is underway inside the former Eddie Bauer space on the second level of the downtown mall. Based on construction schedules, the store will open in September.

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Lee H. February 21, 2011 at 1333

Almost 7 months, is that normal for a Apple store in mall space?
I know they have to hire and train employees. However that seems to be a long time for “construction” to just rehab a mall space.

I have walked by a few times and they are actively working on that space.


Cash February 22, 2011 at 1347

Yeah I have to call BS on this timeline too. They are working on the space now, and it took less than 7 months to build the new DQ on Abbott, so I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t/couldn’t have this store open in time for the iPhone 5 launch in June/July. Having visited other Apple stores in the lower 48, I can honestly say that while their staff was more knowledgeable and better trained than most retail employees, they obviously weren’t holding a 6th month degree from Apple University. I’m calling for no later than a late June opening.


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