Restoration Work Underway at Future Italy Store

February 9, 2011

Extensive renovation is underway in Bologna (Italy) on the building that will house the country’s first street-level Apple store, located inside an historic building that will rival the grandeur of existing stores in London, Paris and New York City. The three-level building at Via Francesco Rizzoli 16 is within sight of Piazza Maggiore, a tourist attraction that retains the look of its 13th century heritage. Without any construction barricade, workers are visible outside renovating the masonry details that surround large, arched display windows. Permit documents posted at the site value the construction work at $2.7 million, and state it will take 240 days to complete, pushing the grand opening into 2012. The documents identify the architect as Goring & Straja Studio, which has offices in Rome and Milan (Italy), and Berkeley (N. Calif.)—also the location of a future Apple store. The setteB.IT Web site has on-going coverage of the future Bologna store: the permit documents, the renovation, and early speculation about the location. Update: Within two days the company name “Apple” was whited out on the posted permit document, and replaced with the name “E. Biagini,” an Apple Italy sales director.

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