Another France Store Spotted Near Versailles

February 7, 2011

Apple apparently intends to surround the immense Château de Versailles (France) tourist attraction with retail stores, with the addition of a store inside the Parly 2 shopping mall west of Paris. According to the MacGeneration Web site, the future store will join the existing Velizy 2 store that is just 10 miles away, and on the other side of Versailles. Both malls attract locals from a wide area, and also from many of Versailles’ 3.5 million annual visitors. Just last week a future store was discovered at the Carré Sénart shopping mall south of Paris. The exact location of the Parly 2 store within the mall is unknown. The store could open by late 2011.

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Charles Wiles February 8, 2011 at 1028

This one was previously rumoured back in Dec 2009(?). Seemed like it had been superseded by Velizy 2, but maybe not. Apple seem to be a bit obsessed with the Paris area: 3 of their 5 french stores are already in or near Paris; the Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux stores are all now overdue and there are a bunch of big cities with apparently nothing going on: eg. Marseille (maybe something in 2013-14), Lille, Toulouse, Nantes, etc. So much for the rapid roll-out…


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