Blue Law Apple Stores To Open on Sundays

February 1, 2011

Apple is always looking for new ways to provide service to the nearly 2,600 visitors that an average store hosts each day, and now they may have found one small solution—Sundays. According to sources, the two stores in Bergen County (NJ) that now close in compliance with the county’s restrictions on Sunday commerce will open for non-sales activities, including Genius Bar visits and training sessions. The Garden State Plaza store in Paramus and the Tice’s Corner store in Woodcliff Lake are the only stores in the U.S. that are not open on Sundays. They will likely adopt hours similar to other U.S. stores, opening at 11 a.m. or noon and closing by 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. The two Apple stores will not sell products on Sundays, but will handle services of all kinds. Bergen County and the city of Paramus are among the last jurisdictions in the country with so-called “Blue Laws,” passed decades ago to create a quiet day for religious observances. The state of New Jersey repealed its Blue Law in 1959, but allowed local jurisdictions to retain their own restrictions on Sunday commerce. Bergen County kept restrictions on selling clothing, furniture, appliances, home and office furnishings, and building and lumber supplies. The town of Paramus retained even tighter regulations, prohibiting all sales except newspapers and magazines, bread and milk, gasoline and tobacco products, drugs and meals, fresh fruit, vegetables and plants. County residents say the Blue Laws preserve their Sunday quality of life, and have voted down several ballot measures to repeal the laws, most recently in 1993. Last year Gov. Chris Christie failed to gain legislative support to repeal the state law as a way to increase sales tax revenues and help reduce the state’s budget deficit.

This screengrab of the Garden State Mall (NJ) store Web page shows that it's normally closed on Sundays in compliance with the county's' Blue Law.

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