Construction To Begin on Italy Store

November 30, 2010

Construction will begun next month on another retail store in Italy, to be located in city-center Bologna, just 40 miles away from the quarry where Apple’s stone floors are cut from reserved layers of pietra serena sandstone. According to La Repubblica, the two-level, 5,300 square-foot store will be located in the former Stephanel clothing store at Via Francesco Rizzoli 16, with a third level of Apple offices and meeting rooms. The on-line story also reveals details of the family-owned Il Casone stone quarry, the exclusive provider of stone for Apple’s stores, just 38 miles south in the small town of Firenzuola. Il Casone president Alberto Bartolomei confirmed long-standing reports that several layers of rock at his quarry are reserved just for Apple’s needs. The quarry employs about 50 workers, and Bartolomei said 2009 revenues totaled $16.8 million, with about 20 percent from sales to Apple. Bartolomei told the reporter the store could open by spring 2011. View the Google StreetView photo of the building.

Read more about Il Casone’s stone quarry.

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mikekaufmann November 30, 2010 at 2005

Oh, man! Get rid of those overhead wires! Mostly motorcycles and bikes. How are those Bolognese get their Macs home? Ah! The perfect iPad market!


Andrew December 2, 2010 at 0715

I suppose they’re seriously concerned with preservation of the facades. And you can’t very well just dig up the street, it would cost a fortune from closing the street to unearthing whatever lies beneath (history).

Oh, and people drive in Bologna, but they’re not stupid enough to take a car when they don’t need to. It’s ironic that an American would comment on the need for a car, but not notice the amount of buses… A very different mindset indeed. Cities are made for walking, well, at least in Europe.


Marktrek December 2, 2010 at 2004

Definition of a pedestrian in Los Angeles:
A person in a parking lot looking for his car.


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