New Trademark Apps Target Resellers, Acrylic Stand

November 14, 2010

Apple has filed trademark applications in Europe that focus on two diverse retail topics—the name of its reseller operation and the acrylic stand used to display iPads in the company’s retail stores. The applications were submitted to the European Union agency responsible for trademarks and designs, the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) during September and October. The first application trademarks the phrase “Premium Reseller,” a designation created in 2006 to replace the existing Apple Center designation for companies selling Apple’s products. The terms of the new program were more stringent for resellers, but also added certain marketing initiatives and dealer support features. Premium Resellers are part of Apple’s channel programs, located in all 10 countries outside the U.S. where Apple has retail stores, along with many other countries as large as India and as small as Ecuador. The second trademark covers the design and appearance of the round acrylic stand used to properly display iPads within Apple’s stores. The application to OHIM credits a long list of people for the stand, including Jonathan Ive, who receives top credit for Apple’s hardware. The stand is generally circular, but has a slanted cross-section to angle the iPad for maximum visibility to passing customers. The stands first appeared last April with the iPad’s debut. Download (pdf) the two trademark applications.

At most stores the iPad acrylic stand is fastened to the display table with double-stock tape. The top edge of the stand is covered with rubbery material to prevent the iPad from slipping off. The top edge of the stand is slanted slightly to best display the device.

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