iPhone Bumpers Will Return to Stores

by Gary Allen on September 30, 2010

One day after the expiration of Apple’s free iPhone 4 case offer, bumper cases will reappear on the shelves of most Apple retail stores on Friday. Quantities may be limited, and not all colors will be available, insiders say. The black, wrap-around cases were originally sold just to provide protection from scratches and bumps after the iPhone 4 debuted last June. But when antenna problems were revealed two weeks later, Apple offered free cases to those who had already purchased an iPhone 4, to mitigate the signal problem. In order to supply enough free cases by mail, Apple removed the bumper cases from all of its stores. On September 10th Apple announced the case program would expire on the 30th, adding that the more-liberal return policy adopted after discovery of the antenna issue would also end. The cases are listed as “currently unavailable”on Apple on-line store.

Update: Indeed, the bumpers did re-appear in retail stores, in all colors and in rather large quantities.

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Lucas September 30, 2010 at 0950

The case program was never about antenna issues. It was about the dumb little bar graph that means nada in the real world and shutting up folks that were making a mountain out of a molehill

also lets be clear about the policy that apple is returning too. 30 days, no restocking fee. That’s the ‘old’ policy. The only thing they added was that they would take returns after 30 days if you insisted and were okay with paying the ETF that Apple can’t override.


Jesse October 3, 2010 at 1306

Yep, they are definitely back in stock and there appeared to be plenty of them in every color. I snatched up a white one at the Roosevelt Field location as soon as I spotted them! I know $29 is a rip off for a band of plastic but I’m a sucker for things like this…


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