Only Apple Can Make a Glass Cube

August 1, 2010

The glass cube entrance to the Fifth Avenue store has become an icon of retail in New York City and a magnet for visitors who visit from around the world. Now Apple wants to maintain exclusivity of the cube design by applying for a trademark from the federal Patent & Trademark Office (PTO). In an electronic application filed July 30th, Apple attorney Lisa Widrup selected standard PTO categories to describe the nature of the cube, which reportedly cost $7 million. Widup included a screen grab of the Fifth Avenue store Web page to document the trademark’s current use, an outline drawing of the cube, and the notation, “The mark consists of the distinctive design of a building.” The application states the trademark was first used “at least as early as 05/19/2006,” the date of the store’s grand opening. Apple has previously trademarked its glass staircase design and engineering, the stainless steel and glass storefront retail store design, the Genius Bar logo and the words “One to One,” an in-store training service. Download (pdf) the glass cube trademark application document.

This outline diagram was submitted to the PTO with the trademark application.

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