Lincoln Park Waiting for Plaza, Subway Rehab

June 28, 2010

Passersby report that the future Lincoln Park (Chicago) retail store is finished, both inside and out, and that a grand opening date now seems to be entirely dependent upon the completion of the adjacent public plaza, and renovation of the street-level subway building renovation and underground station. Construction began on the store in November 2008, but then in October 2009 Apple agreed to spend $4 million to renovate the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) station that is steps away from the store. That agreement, late into the store’s project timeline, seems to have delayed the grand opening. Right now, black netting still covers the glass-covered ends of the store, which will resemble the existing Scottsdale Quarter store. Outside, wooden crates of stone tiles—similar in color but larger than Apple interior floor tiles—are awaiting placement on the plaza, and cement planter boxes have been poured. The CTA station itself has been re-bricked and cleaned up, and clean-up work is underway on the subway platform. Based on construction progress, the store could open in late July.

View a complete six-month gallery of construction progress photos.

The interior of the store appears finished, and furniture is in place.

The plaza between the Apple store and CTA building (to right) is unfinished. Stone tiles need to be installed and cement planter boxes still need to be finished and filled with greenery.

A large crate of stone tiles awaits installation on the plaza.

A view across the plaza toward the third, side entrance of the store. Inside, the Genius Bar logo is visible.

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