First Look at Two Spain Locations

June 28, 2010

The locations of three future Apple stores in Spain has finally been determined, including a street-level store in Valencia and mall-based stores in Madrid and Barcelona. Previous tips located the Valencia store in an 1889, wedge-shaped building at Calle de Cristóbal Colón 25 in city center. Now Apple watchers have spotted black construction barricades in the other two cities that appear to cover two other future stores. In Madrid, the barricade is on the upper level of the Madrid Xanadú shopping mall, next to the Nike Madrid store. In Barcelona, construction is underway in a wide space at the La Maquinista shopping mall. The mall stores could open by September, while the Valencia store could open by year’s end.

Apple store location in the Madrid Xanadu mall.

Apple store location in the Madrid Xanadu mall.

The location of the future Apple store in the Madrid Xanadu mall.

The store location in the La Maquinista shopping mall in Barcelona

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