First Look at Two Spain Locations

by Gary Allen on June 28, 2010

The locations of three future Apple stores in Spain has finally been determined, including a street-level store in Valencia and mall-based stores in Madrid and Barcelona. Previous tips located the Valencia store in an 1889, wedge-shaped building at Calle de Cristóbal Colón 25 in city center. Now Apple watchers have spotted black construction barricades in the other two cities that appear to cover two other future stores. In Madrid, the barricade is on the upper level of the Madrid Xanadú shopping mall, next to the Nike Madrid store. In Barcelona, construction is underway in a wide space at the La Maquinista shopping mall. The mall stores could open by September, while the Valencia store could open by year’s end.

Apple store location in the Madrid Xanadu mall.

Apple store location in the Madrid Xanadu mall.

The location of the future Apple store in the Madrid Xanadu mall.

The store location in the La Maquinista shopping mall in Barcelona

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David.lrf June 28, 2010 at 1317

I think apple hasn’t confirmed neither of this locations but it’s interviewing people for the Madrid and Barcelona stores. I hope next year Apple opens new store in the centre of this two spanish main cities, bigger and more impressive than the shopping centre ones.
Pd: sorry for my English level which should be improved.


Sam June 28, 2010 at 1354

Don’t be greedy! lol Let other countries have their stores (cough)Mexico(cough) =D

Pd: If you hadn’t said anything I would have barely noticed that english isn’t your first language


Frank June 29, 2010 at 0251

To be honest I think that this was the worst decision so the Shopping mall Xanadu has lost the interest of Madrid people. This Shopping mall get a great aperture five years ago so its has the largest Eurepean Ski/Snow indoor Slope but due the high cost and far distance from Madrid center not too much people is going to this area. So personally speaking, a wrong decision.

Regarding La Maquinista, I think that is not the best location but is close to Barcelona and easy to get there. This is an open Shopping Mall with different levels but once again is not in City Center.

Apparently Apple has tried to get the right Building both Barcelona (The Old Sabadell Building) and Madrid (The Madrid City Museum building) but with not succes.

On the same way like David, sorry about my English.
Kind Regards


bizilagun June 29, 2010 at 0549

That’s right. I live just halfway between Downtown Madrid and Xanadu and I’d prefer Downtown by far. Not only because it would be a GRAND opening and loads of people coming in all the time, let alone all the tourists, people going downtown from all areas of the city and surroundings, etc… And okay, Apple Stores may be located within malls, and this mall may be cool, okay, but it’s just that. Period. It’s hard to get there with ease without a car, there is no subway station there (and won’t in several years to come, I’d say), few poorly scheduled bus lines… Anyway there are strong rumors about a second Store in Madrid next year or the other and this time around I really hope it’s located in Sol / Gran Vía / Callao areas…


Madrid Guide July 6, 2010 at 0911

Amazing, These stores are finally coming our way! Nice to hear!

Juan C.


Ataliano July 7, 2010 at 2021

La Maquinista is also not a great location for Barcelona, it’s almost in the border to the next city called Badalona. It’s really far away from the center, and it’s a huge mall in a very ugly enviroment, just fabrics everywhere… Also, the neighborhoods surrounding the zone are not the bests of the city, there are few thiefs rounding.

Finally, no way to get there in a shot, or driving by car or getting the metro wich lefts you like 500 mtrs from the exit, you can also take the train, it’s just beside the station.

Really the worst place they can choose… we have passeig de gracia (first location) wich is wonderfull, maremagnum, a mall just behind the sea, diagonal mar, a mall in a zone of expansion (forum zone), illa, a beautifull mall with the look of an american building… many places better than this one… just sucks…


anne March 29, 2011 at 1512

I agree with the comments above. I am norteamericana, but I lived in Madrid one year and in Barcelona one year, so I have had experience with transportation, mostly the metro and trains. I wonder whether Apple just wanted to save money on its locations or was sold a bill of goods about the Madrid and Barcelona locations being “in a mall in the ‘suburbs'”. Such a location would be good in the US where the “suburbs” refers to the location of buyers with money. It’s very possible that Apple had no understanding of what the “suburbs” mean in Spain. Also, in USA it’s impossible to go anywhere without a car because GM made sure that public transportation in this country was destroyed in the 1950s in order to sell more cars, so perhaps the issue of transport was not properly considered. It’s too bad for Apple; they need better advice and representation in Spain!


franksnow March 30, 2011 at 1208

Hi Anne,

I’m 50% agree with you :-),

I’m from Barcelona but living in Madrid since 2003 and we’ve a bit differences between Barcelona and Madrid. Is true that Barcelona is most traditional so the Catalans people prefer the Center of the city for shopping but here in Madrid I’m not sure about it. You can see full families who choice the malls just to take a walk. Also you must keep on mind that XANADU mall is not just a mall. This has the Biggest In-door Snow/Skiing Slope in Europe so is a place where you can find people since 10’00 a.m. to 23’00 from monday to Sunday. Barcelona’s people has not the same point of view and they (me too) take their family and take their walks to the Center of the City. Is not usual to see City people moving their ass :-D to the Suburbs.

Also I’m agree with you that Apple (The Sin’s Fruit :-DD ) must invest more money in order to increase their advertising on TV. But to be honest and just to inform all this website readers, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and now iPad 2 were or has been Sold-out when has been launched here in Spain but not Advertising from Apple (O_o).

Kind Regards
Frank, a Català living in Madrid :-D


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