Employee Timesheets Changed After Lawsuit

June 27, 2010

In the midst of a lawsuit filed by a former Genius alleging that Apple denied store employees legally-required work breaks and failed to pay them for the time, the company has changed the format of its computerized work schedules to show the duration of rest breaks and meal periods. Earlier this month, Apple’s computer scheduling system began showing four work segments for a full-time employee’s work day instead of one. The segments are interrupted by two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute meal period. Part-time employee schedules now show a single 15-minute break during the shift. Previously, the schedules showed just the shift starting and ending times. The format change is coincidental to a lawsuit filed in San Francisco Superior Court last September by Steve Camuti. He alleges that, “Apple has, for years…failed to provide (employees) with net ten minute rest periods…” Apple has denied the allegations in court documents, claiming Camuti and others failed to follow their employer’s directions, caused their own financial damages and “unreasonably delayed” bringing the lawsuit. A trial has been scheduled for September, but in the meantime both sides are in the process of evidence discovery. The next action on the court calendar is a case management conference scheduled for July 30th.

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