Western Australia—The Store Is Arriving

June 21, 2010

The residents of Perth (Australia) have felt left-out and lonely for years, but their yearning for an Apple retail store will end this Saturday at 9 a.m. when the Perth City store opens on Hay Street in the central business district. A pastry shop moved out of the historic building last year, and Apple gutted the interior but retained the quaint façade, built a modern two-level, steel building behind it, and installed a standard store inside. Passersby will be protected by a stainless steel awning, and can marvel at the unusual window pane pattern, intricate plaster detailing, and huge cornice work at the roof line. Trivia: The rebuilding project also included a bar and office space behind the Apple store, off Wolf Lane—check it out.

Behind the Apple store on Wolf Lane, there is a second building that was intended to be a bar and office spaces. This rendering by Baltinas Architecture shows what it looks like.

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