iPad Creates Crowds, Frayed Cords

April 19, 2010

Visitors to Apple’s U.S. stores are encountering waiting lines when they arrive to handle the recently-introduced iPad, and now the demo models are showing the wear from handling by thousands of curious fingers. When the iPad was first introduced, store employees were armed with blue cleaning cloths and eight-ounce spray bottles of a special “Genius Bar Edition” of iKlear Apple Polish cleaner. Now, cleaning is less proactive, and fingerprints are more common. A more obvious problem is the result of the iPads ultra-portability—a frayed power/security cable. Visitors quickly discover that an iPad can be held in any orientation, and the screen image will spin to correctly the orientation. However, this twisting-and-turning of the iPad eventually breaks the plastic over the jointly-covered power and security cables, right near the connection with the iPad.

The portable nature of the iPad means that visitors twist and turn it round-and-round, eventually fraying the covering over the security/power cable. Fingerprints on the screen have become more common, too.

I re-checked the iPad cords about a month later and discovered that Apple had come up with a fix for the frayed cable—white tape.

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Brianbobcat April 21, 2010 at 2309

Is that second cord that branches out of the USB cable the security cord? In the past, hasn’t it been two separate cables, now it’s just the one? It appears that the whole cord gets thicked after the spur joins back in, so can we assume that the security cable travels with the USB all the way back to the cable’s base?



Gary April 22, 2010 at 0319

Yes, there is one large diameter cable coming from underneath the display table, and leading to the iPad. Just before the connector, the security and power cables separate into a medium-sized cable (power) and small cable (security). The power cable goes to the 30-pin connector, and the security cable ends with an adhesive pad stuck to the pad of the iPad. In the photo above, it’s actually the power cable (sheathed in a metal protective layer) that is frayed. Check this photo for the better, rear view of the connections.


Evgeniy Kholodov April 13, 2011 at 0917

What name this security system?


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