‘Expert’ Position Appears on Job Listings

December 19, 2009

Apple has just added the position of Expert to its on-line job listings, opening up the new position to entry-level applicants for the first time. As first reported here last October, the Expert position is part of a complete job title realignment to improve customer service and handle the increasing number of people visiting Apple’s retail stores. Originally, the position was open only by promotion of current store employees. According to tipsters, an internal candidate for Expert should have “exceptional product knowledge, be top performers in creating owners, and should be known in their stores for their leadership in the Red Zone (sales floor).” The new entry-level job listing describes applicants: “You’ve gotten a taste of the retail life and you’re hooked—so much so that you want to take your game to the next level. Your friends call you an expert, a savvy confident professional who has turned a passion for sales into a career.” Tipsters said there would be at least three Experts at each store, with more staffed at the larger stores. Currently, the job listings page seems to have open Expert positions at every store.

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