Stores Switching to iPod touch for Check-Out

November 5, 2009

The Apple stores will soon dump their current Windows-based portable computers and begin using customized iPod touch devices to wirelessly process customer credit and debit cards and, for the first time, to allow all employees to accept cash for purchases. According to information reviewed by IFO, Apple has designed and manufactured a slip-on plastic shell for the touch that combines a magnetic stripe reader and advanced barcode reader. The EasyPay touch will run Apple-developed point-of-sale software that is specific to Apple stores, including special screens to make iPhone purchases easier and quicker. The new system will allow credit card purchases to be made directly on the touch, but debit card transactions will require customers to enter their PIN on the existing desktop POS terminals. Employees equipped with a touch will be able to accept cash through an electronic link-up to cash drawers installed within the store. More details on the new EasyPay touch system and photos are posted on the AppleInsider Web site.

This terminal is being used to complete Apple store transactions made via a debit card. The new iPod touch device doesn't include entering debit card PIN codes, so this terminal is used instead. There are one or two of these terminals in a typical mall-located store.

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