Funnel Your On-Line Order Revenue to Local Store

October 9, 2009

Even with a network of 273 retail stores around the world, it’s possible that even the most loyal visitor might want to order something from Apple Web store. Now it’s confirmed—even if you order a built-to-order laptop configuration or product not carried by your local store, the revenue can be credited to your local store if you order from the store’s individual Web pages. In fact, this Web store technique is frequently used by store employees to help store customers purchase out-of-stock or specialized products.

Even with a network of 273 locations around the world, it’s possible that a loyal Apple store visitor might need to order something from the company’s on-line store. Now it’s confirmed—your on-line order will be credited to the revenue of any Apple retail store, but only if you use the store’s special on-line order Web page. In fact, this ordering technique is frequently used by Apple store employees to help store customers purchase out-of-stock or specialized products. If you’re ordering a build-to-order laptop or need something that the stores don’t carry, credit your on-line purchase to Apple’s retail segment and your favorite store location by using their special Web address: You can find official store names in the URL of their individual Web pages, listed here.

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Brian October 9, 2009 at 0622

It seems that if you add the revenue to the local store, it may help them to get bigger shipments when new products arrive.


Mike October 9, 2009 at 0723

you have been able to do this for years. old news


A_Nonny_Mouse October 9, 2009 at 0836

Old news, correct – you’ve been able to do this since day 1.

What it WILL do is allow your favorite store to earn revenue and “credits” for number of CPU’s, iPhones, iPods, APPs sold – earning the MANAGERS bonuses, not the staff.

The entire store staff used to work toward monetary bonuses by using the store’s web portal as well as in-store sales. This bonus structure was eliminated for staff several years ago but remains in place for store management and upper management.


Current Specialist October 9, 2009 at 1148


That’s mostly correct. But I kinda think (unless this has changed relatively recently, which it may have) that orders through a retail store’s “portal” on only goes toward store revenue. I believe it does not go towards any unit/ownership/solution goals. At least, that’s how it once worked, and I’m not aware of any change to this.


rebo October 10, 2009 at 2025

I don’t see why anybody would care about this. [IFO — Are you surfing the right Web site? This site is all about caring! Share your economic love with your local Apple store…even if you order on-line. Now that’s caring!]


g October 28, 2009 at 1538

Yes… This is true…. And yes it’s old news.

What it IS worth knowing however is that doing this (known as KIOSK to employees) means that instead of having to return your product to the online store if you have an issue – you will be able to return it to the credited store (if done correctly.)


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