Scaffolding Comes Down, Reveals Glass Storefront

October 6, 2009

The construction team at the future Broadway (NYC) retail store has taken down the network of scaffolding that surrounded the storefront, revealing an amazing architecture that mimics some of the Fifth Avenue glass cube and basement retail space, and some of the George Street (Sydney) storefront. The huge expanse of glass—54 feet tall, 75 feet wide and 30 feet deep—is now covered by black plastic, with only the TriPyramid Structures Inc. glass connection hardware visible. But when the plastic film is eventually peeled off in the days before the grand opening, the storefront at the corner with 67th Street will present a blue-green, filtered view into the store, which building permits indicate will be one level above ground, and two below ground. Tipsters say a circular glass staircase will link the street level to the first basement level, while the sub-basement will house back-of-house operations. Photo and rendering after the break.

Thanks to Richard for this photo taken on October 6th. The front black portion is all-glass, covered with plastic film. Notice that the top-front edge of the glass storefront is slightly arched. The gray wall to the left is the main portion of the store.

This glass-front design resembles the George Street store in some respects (glass projecting outward , but it also bears some resemblance to the Fifth Avenue cube, not far away. The huge, left-side wall might also bear some resemblance to the North Michigan Avenue (Chicago) store.

This speculative rendering of the Broadway store shows the huge glass façade that resembles the George Street (Sydney) store, and also some of the Fifth Avenue Cube.

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