Man Threatens to Shoot iPhone at Genius Bar

October 1, 2009

A man who brought his malfunctioning iPhone to the Kenwood Towne Center (Ohio) retail store on Thursday displayed a holstered handgun to an employee to underscore his frustration, and was arrested by Cincinnati police for aggravated menacing. Donald Goodrich, 38, did have a concealed weapons permit that allowed him to legally carry the 9mm semi-auto pistol. However, police say when his displayed the gun, the Apple employee had a belief that, “the offender will cause serious physical harm,” a misdemeanor under Ohio law. According to police, Goodrich came into the store and was explaining his iPhone problem to an employee. He told the employee, “I’m so mad, I could pop a 9mm at it,” referring to the iPhone. Goodrich then followed up by saying, “I’ll do it right now! Look!” At that point, police say, Goodrich moved his shirt to reveal his handgun. The employee then took Goodrich over to a Genius to keep him occupied while a manager called police. Police arrested Goodrich without incident, and also charged him with failing to immediately tell arriving police that he was armed, a requirement of his concealed weapon permit.

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