Broadway Store Will Feature Unique Roof Design

September 22, 2009

The future Broadway (NYC) retail now under construction at the angled intersection with 67th Street will feature unique architectural designs that will put it in competition for the most spectacular store in the chain. The steel-framed building has risen from the near-total demolition of a former two-level Victoria’s Secret store, with but a single wall retained to avoid city burdensome permit requirements. Priced at over $37.9 million, the 75-foot wide storefront of the building will mimic the all-glass design of the Boylston Street (Boston) store, but with a twist–it will be slanted to mirror the angle of the two streets. Topping of the building will be its most-viewed feature: a slightly-arched glass roof supported by steel arches, all reminiscent of the historic St. Pancras train station in London (UK). The roof will span the rear three-quarters of the retail space, providing light and an airy atmosphere to the interior space. The store was originally reported to open by Thanksgiving, but instead will likely open by Christmas. View aerial photos of the roof and watch a video after the break.

Watch a video that provides aerial views of the building under construction.

The building is 75-feet wide on Broadway and 45-feet tall, forming an angle that matches the intersection of the two streets.

This aerial view of the building shows how the structure fits in with the surrounding buildings, and some of the roof structure.

This unique aerial view shows the angled front section of the store, and the curved roof.

This straight-down view of the building shows the front portion, and the angle between Broadway and 67th Street.

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