Proof: W. 34th Street Location Is Dead

August 12, 2009

Speculation about construction of a look-alike Apple building at 21-25 West 34th Street (NYC) can be put to rest–it will not be an Apple store. The exterior of the two-story structure is forming up, consisting of silver-colored metal and large windows. However, several key indicators provide proof that–for now–it will not be an Apple store. First, the unfinished exterior of the building is completely in public view, which Apple never allows for its own stores. Second, the architecture of the building is completely unlike any other street-level store that Apple has opened. Lastly, public documents filed with the city provide a better explanation of why this building is taking shape. According to tax documents, Apple signed a 15-year lease on the 75-foot wide space in November 2005, with an option for an additional five years. The lease stipulates that Apple must construct at least a two-story building on the 7,200 square-foot property. As first confirmed by others in January 2007, Apple later decided not to pursue the location for a retail store, allegedly because of the “third-rate tourist merchants” along 34th Street, according to one retail broker. It’s not possible to tell if the structure of the building has been constructed to allow future conversion to one of Apple’s own stores.

Notice the metal covering and the large windows–sorta like Apple.

The design, size and proportions of the exterior is completely different from Apple’s standard design. And even more to the point, all the construction is completely visible to passersby, something the company would never allow for one of its own stores.

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