Happy Anniversary, Retail Stores!

May 18, 2009

It was a decision that confounded the computer community and was criticized by financial analysts. But it made perfect sense to Steve Jobs to open Apple’s own chain of retail stores. And so today we celebrate the May 19, 2001 grand opening of the first store at Tysons Corner Center (Virg.), and three hours later the grand opening of the Glendale Galleria (S. Calif.) store. At the time, the company used the catch-phrase “5 Down. 95 to go” to indicate a desire to increase the company’s market share. In full-page national newspaper ads, Apple noted that five percent beats the market share of BMW and Mercedes. “But that’s not enough for us,” the ads said. “We want to convince those other 95 people that Macintosh offers a much simpler, richer and more human-centric computer experience.” The ad continued, “And we believe the best way to do this is to open apple stores right in their neighborhoods.” View the original May 19th Web site.

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Austin May 19, 2009 at 1123

Happy Apple Store anniversary! In celebration, and to thank you, Gary, for having such a great website for all things Apple Stores, here are some videos and photos from Apple’s original retail website in 2001 that you may not have seen.


The first ever Apple Retail Store opening video:

Video Tour of the first store from Steve Jobs:

Various opening day photos:

Apple Store Press Release:

Original Retail Page (not just a photo, clicking on stuff takes you places):

Oh yeah, I have a some questions, so if you could email me at austinvry@yahoo.com that woud be great!


Austin May 19, 2009 at 1142

One more thing, have you seen this Apple Store ad before?
I was wondering what keynote it was from.


Pirate May 19, 2009 at 1429

That youtube video is an internal promotional video from a quarterly team meeting for Apple Retail Stores. It’s not really an advertisement as much as it is a clip to be used by retail execs in BoD meetings, client presos, training, etc. Retail puts together little clips like that for those purposes and then uses them at quarterly meetings to amp-up the store teams. It’s fairly effective. Based on the images, I’d guess it’s 2007. Thanks for sharing. And, gratz ARS. Best of luck. Hi Tink.


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