EZ Pay Tested For Cash Transactions

April 30, 2009

In the face of economic uncertainty, Americans are saving more and spending less, which may explain why Apple is testing out an extension of the EZ Pay handheld computers to handle cash transactions. Although some stores still have front-located point-of-sale cash drawers, most stores have a single drawer at the Genius Bar. According to customers who only carry Grant or Franklin around in their pockets, for this trial the Concierge table near the back of the store has been fitted with a cash drawer. Upon “ringing up” a cash purchase with the handheld computer, the store Specialist will then accept the buyer’s cash, and move to the cash drawer to stow the currency and obtain any change due. Back in 2004, when the mini-stores were introduced, Sr. V-P Retail Ron Johnson said that 80 percent of purchases were made with a credit card. But retail analysts noted a shift starting last Fall, as retail customers began using cash more often to avoid adding to their credit card balances.

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