Georgetown Group OKs 5th Store Design

March 2, 2009

The fifth and perhaps final round of design approvals for a Georgetown (DC) Apple store is half-complete, after the Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) ratified an amendment tonight saying they had no objections to the latest design submitted by the company’s architects. According to the Vox Populi, the design was little-changed from the previous version, which featured more masonry and no stainless steel. Among the changes were metal dividers added to the front window to break up the wide expanse into bays, and changes to some upper windows to reduce the amount of recess in the building faade. The Voice noted that the commission members seemed “sick of talking about the Apple store.” The commission had approved the previous design, but Apple’s proposal was later turned down by the Old Georgetown Board. This fifth design now again goes to the board for its approval this Thursday. Update: The Board voted to approve the revised design at its March 5th meeting. According to the Washington Post, board chair  Stephen J. Vanze told Apple architect Karl Backus, “We’re very pleased.”

After five submissions, two District of Columbia citizen groups approved the architectural designs for a future Apple store.

After five submissions, two District of Columbia citizen groups approved the architectural designs for a future Apple store. In this final version, the front all-glass windows are broken up into panels, with white frames separating them.

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{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

Mark S, Lansing MI March 3, 2009 at 0816

It would have been nice if this article would have at the very least
provided a picture of the accepted design! even a tiny one! Geesh!


KenC March 3, 2009 at 1549

You’re not an Apple user if you don’t complain at everything and anything, Geesh!

Honestly, if you read the article, it sure doesn’t sound like a picture was available. That’s why they describe the changes.

If you followed the last proposal, it’s clear that the OGB didn’t like the large entrance, as it was out of scale to the others on the block. They had to divide it up, and that’s what they did.


Brian Kaempen March 3, 2009 at 2116

Hey Mark, if oyu bothered to look at the “Also read” you’d see that on Feb 3rd, the “DC Store Design Nearly Approved” story which has multiple images and renderings of the proposal. But I’ll save you the trouble this time around:

I do like the uniqueness of this store. I like all the stores that have some personal character; North Michigan Avenue with it’s stone, Knox Street with it’s red brick, SoHo, Regent Street, and Glasgow among others in historic buildings, and Boylston St and George Street with their modern designs. This one with some faux charm and indoor trees certainly qualifies in my book.



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