Developer Cuts Back Mall Hours

March 2, 2009

A small number of Apple store will be forced to cut about six hours of weekly shopping from their schedule, after mall developer Westfield Group announced their 55 U.S. malls will now open later and close earlier six days a week. The change will affect only 15 Apple stores, or fewer than six percent of the total chain. It’s not clear how the change in hours might change the revenues at the affected stores. The cut-back was prompted by a decline in mall visitors and the sluggish U.S. economy, the company said. Ironically, Westfield spokesperson Katy Dickey said the company made the move to assist retailers with mounting expenses from lagging sales–something that has yet to afflict Apple’s stores. “What we’re hoping to do is help our retailers save, conserve resources and respond to changing consumer demand and traffic patterns,” Dickey said. Last month Westfield reported that revenues increased 10.4 percent for fiscal 2008, but noted that the United States segment grew just 0.5 percent, much less than the Australia-New Zealand operations. According to Westfield, effective immediately the malls will open 30 minutes later, and close 30 minutes earlier on Monday through Friday. Saturday hours will remain the same, but most malls will close one hour earlier on Sunday. Since most Apple stores are open about 75 hours a week, the cut-back represents just eight percent of their total operating hours. Officials of Macerich Co., which manages about 17 malls where Apple stores are located, said they are still studying visitor traffic patterns to determine if any actions are needed at their properties. There are 17 Apple stores among Macerich malls in the U.S.

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

Jafo March 2, 2009 at 0747

the simon malls have already done this.
They were open 10-10 Monday Thru Sat, and Sunday 11-7.
Now they are open Monday thru Sat 10-9 and Sunday 12-6.


Gary Allen March 2, 2009 at 1725

Jafo & all – There are 37 Apple stores at the Simon malls, so their hour changes affect quite a few more stores than Westfield.


Brian Kaempen March 3, 2009 at 2102

Aw dang namit! This means I should go through my Google Earth file and change ALL the hours to represent current hours of operation. So the 37 Simon stores and 17 Macerich stores, so I’m looking at 54 changes at least. Now if only I can find one of your spreadsheets that lists all the stores and their mall developer, hint, hint.



California March 7, 2009 at 0119

The Apple stores here in SoCal seem to have visitors all the way up to closing time while the rest of the mall is empty. Three of the Apple stores here are inside a Westfield mall.


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