Apple Plans Major Store Space Reorganization

February 12, 2009

On the heels of an iPhone/iPod display table make-over, Apple plans to entirely reorganize and refocus space within the stores to emphasize customer education, and software over hardware. The change would be the third major interior design for the stores, which has included the debut wood floors and the September, 2006 conversion to a stainless interior. According to plans still being rolled out, hardware will become a secondary focus of the stores’ marketing efforts, making way for a spotlight on applications and the digital features of Apple products. The front section of the store will promote, “Why You’ll Love a Mac,” catching visitors when they first enter the store. The section will have signage and brochures pointing out the advantages of a Mac over a Windows PC. The next section of the store will focus on the iLife suite of software applications, and will provide information how they can contribute to a Mac user’s digital lifestyle. And in the third section of the reorganized interior, Apple will highlight the iWork software applications. The changes seems to coincide with a switch in how iPods and iPhones are being marketed–the focus now seems to be the 20,000 applications that are available, rather than the hardware itself. The reorganization could begin as early as next week, but could take several weeks for staff retraining and graphics change-outs.

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